Friday, April 08, 2005

Bodden's WebbLight

Second post! First one was lost in BlogLeaven! My new and very first blog space is exciting, thanks to my daughter Amy Bowllan, KFTeachersblog site!
I'm embarking on the adventurous " Bloggingaragesail"! Come Aboard!! It's a stormy time in my life but I'm willing to let the winds of changes have their sway!
My name: Camille Bodden, RN MSN; nursing faculty for 20 years at Queensborough Community College in Bayside, New York.
In my lost first blogging attempt, a few seconds ago; I told someone in blogger heaven all about my struggles and sorrows. I wrote all about how there will be a few tears shed this 2005 as I'm saddened by the death of Pope John Paul II; it's the tenth anniversary of the death of my 7th child, my youngest son, Abdul. He would have been 34 on 4/5/05; he was murdered by a young man out on parole up in Buffalo while attending college; the young man is presently serving time in prison. I pray for him, for his soul & for his conversion.

I will be sharing a few of my passions: Spirituality, Culture; Experiences in Nursing, my trip to China in 2003 to teach nursing students (awesome!); Marriage , Motherhood, (raised 10 children) & Widowhood.
It's great to be apart of this wonderfully, challenging 21st century.

Welcome aboard Boddensweblog!!!
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