Sunday, May 01, 2005


Today after the Question, "What will the gift be??" What a surprise when I attended my church service,that Sunday and was asked to cantor, to lead the congregation in song; my gift for this silent Sunday was to "make a joyful noise" and no matter if I can sing or not; it only matters that I said "yes, if the director needed me to sing, I'll sing". IT turned out to be a gift for me. I'll continue to place my gratitude before my Beloved! I plan to bring a special gift today; MY FAMILY TREE!! I'm hoping to bring the story of a slave girl named Nancy & a Judge named James Moore Wayne, slave owner in Savannah, Georgia. Stay posted!
How Can I Keep From Singing?

Well,Today! May 1st, Sunday silence and my second monastery visit with joy and peace I run to sit a HIS feet! THanks for allowing me time to spend this quiet day awaiting your visits, Lord. Returning to the chapel of my monastery mindset I'm remembering the past few weeks of sorrow: death of Pope John Paul II, joy over the selection of Pope Benedict XVI .

Walking through my peaceful space, I stop to reflect on yesterday, and the precious visit with my deceased son's daughter. I took her and her little sister to see The Lion King at the Amsterdam Theater, a rainy but special day. What a great day we had, the play was extraordinary. It was their first play ever & they had the best time. So did Grandma!!

As I rest today from the flurry of people, traffic and concern for the safety of these two precious grands, I'm reminded of the many gifts I'm so fortunate to have been given. My seven children, the youngest, my son Abby, would have been 34 on 4/5/05; so tragically murdered in 1995, and yet, we are so grateful that he left us a beautiful daughter. What a blessing!

Tears filled my eyes, during the play, when the little Lion cub, Simba, was looking down at his dad and crying out, "Dad, Dad, you can't die!!" I thought of Abby & his sweet little daughter who was only 2 when he left her. She's such a sweetheart, almost 12 years old now and so caring and loving. I took them out for dinner after the show and how special it was when my little grand asked if she could take some of her dinner home for her mom. "Of course, sweetheart!

The gift of these young hearts brighten my life!


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