Monday, April 11, 2005

Vocabulary List for ESL Nursing STudents

Vocabulary List for ESL Nursing Students

This is a list of vocabulary words identified by Chinese students. My trip to China in December, 2003 was wonderful and helped me understand how energized and eager these students are to learn. This is just the beginning of a project I hope to design to assist as many ESL (English as a second language) who wish to improve their understanding of Nursing Language. While teaching a preparatory class to a group of nurses in China I began each class with the following format:

• Framework
• Nursing Process
• Roles of Nurses in America
• Differences in Practice between China and USA
• New concepts; Write one new learned topic, concept; idea; patient situation
• Memorable Vocabulary Words
Critical Thinking
• What do I know? What do I need to know?
• What’s significant about what I know?
• Many drugs in same category have same side effects. See p574-575 antihyperglycemics by mouth have same action. Insulin rapid acting; long acting
• Antihypertensives Anti-infectives: eg Ancef; keflex; Anti-inflammatory: p580

New Words and Basic Concepts
Prepared by Camille Bodden---12/03
This is a list I prepared from the students at the end of each class!

• Sullen mood; adolescent; Alzheimer; neural; ileostomy; fertility; playmate; bronchoscopy; a hydatiform molar pregnancy; gonadotropin hormone; mania; minor cuts; Scar; acting out behavior; gag; dill pickle; Cereal; crutch walking; cystic fibrosis; ultrasound;
• Allopurinol; prostatectomy; pernicious anemia
• Corticosteroid; cephalohemtoma; puff;
• Laryngectomy; variable decelerations;
• Lamaze method of child birth; Democratic style of leadership; epistaxis; epidural narcotics; crackles; rhonchi; Coombs test
• PRN; wheeze;pinch; nasogastric; rinse;
• Obese; succession; schizophrenia; emesis
• Rubella; refrain;

• Ventilator; acetaminophen; estradiol; menopausal; strategy; hysterectomy;
• Hepatitis B; paracentesis; CHF; Trendelenburg; DVT; incision; transdermal
• RSV; contraindicated; cachextic;
• Calf; enteric; calf pain; lipid

• Mammogram; deodorant; IEF; discrepancy
• Applesauce; dysphagia; IDDM; milliliter
• Hematuria; ecchymosis; ALL; millet; episodic; insomnia; EEG; MRI;
• Foley cath; hallucination; Ilizarov external fixator; gastroperesis; disruptive; obstetrician; dye tablets; radiopague;
• Diced; Luminal; milieu;farewell; unkempt
• Pallor; phenobarbital (Luminal); ibuprofen;
• Disfigure; milieu therapy; allergic; electroencephalogram; nausea;
• Are there many psychologists in USA? Are there many people to see psychologists when they have too much stress?
• Deodorant;
• Hallucination; foley catheter; ideation
• Jaundice; urea nitrogen; Munchausen;
• Dementia; gestation; Sickle Cell Anemia;
• Antiembolism; indewelling urinary cath
• Ascites; biophysical profile; vascular dementia;

• New words from:12/22/03 Let’s sing!
• Ventilator; acetaminophen; estradiol; menopausal; strategy; hysterectomy;
• Hepatitis B; paracentesis; CHF; Trendelenburg; DVT; incision; transdermal
• RSV; contraindicated; cachextic;
• Calf; enteric; calf pain; lipid;
• BPP; BBP; proxy; agranulocytosis; Glucotrol, amniocentesis; pretibial edema
• PE; MI; heparin; anticoagulant; SBS; hypothyroidism; mastoid; oncology;
• Hyperlipidemia; lipoprotein; septic; TIA
• BUN; TEDS; ammonia; thrombosis
• Cholesterol; glipizide;albumin; retinal; culture specimens;bradycardic;
• Hallucination; foley catheter; ideation
• Jaundice; urea nitrogen; Munchausen;
• Dementia; gestation; Sickle Cell Anemia;
• Antiembolism; indewelling urinary cath
• Ascites; biophysical profile; vascular dementia;

• Ventilator; acetaminophen; estradiol; menopausal; strategy; hysterectomy;
• Hepatitis B; paracentesis; CHF; Trendelenburg; DVT; incision; transdermal
• RSV; contraindicated; cachextic;
• Calf; enteric; calf pain; lipid


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