Sunday, April 10, 2005

Monastery Mindset

It's Sunday morning, 5am: I'm silent on Sundays,I began this practice in 2004. I begin by listening.The birds are awake and singing such sweet songs as they begin to stir. I am drawn to an imaginery monastery in my mind and have decided to set out on a journey back through the ROOMS of time. I choose to begin in the boarding school my mom sent me to in 1950. As I reflect I can remember it so well:
The bells rang to wake us up for morning prayer. How tired I am,(I'd say to myself) prayer seems so unnecessary at 5am; especially for an 8 year old. My sister, just one year older, is in another dormatory. The nuns moved me from sleeping next to her after I had a few nights where I couldn't make it to the unfamiliar rest room area, I just stayed in bed and woke up wet. The nuns were not too happy about bedwetting so I was moved to another dorm with a thinner mattress, I felt isolated and very unhappy. So saddened by the separation, I began a Hunger Strike, a secret wish to die so my mom would take us home. No such luck; a nun politely and forcibly made me eat; I didn't die, and now I live to tell the story!

Holy Providence, made me aware that God is real! He is and was a loving Presence during those early 1950s. I'm grateful for all of those experiences. My life now reflects a return to the MonasteryMindset; reckoned to old to enter a cloistered community. I will create my own space for reflection.
Let us begin with a call to prayer; It's Sunday, please remain silent *as much as possible; and listen for the voice of God. Listen with the ears of your heart.
My monastery is huge, it has several rooms. This morning I will go to the chapel and kneel down to pray for Peace; peace in the whole world: Iraq; Congo; Darfur; Ireland; Palestine; Beirut; USA; for my family and friends; for bloggers; for my beloved children; for the Pope as he has left us a legacy of Love which will unfold as the years go along; for the young man who murdered my son; for my enemies.

It's difficult to be silent; to be still and wait for what seems to be nothing. Remembering to be grateful for all my gifts, this morning I will bring one gift to the chapel, as I enter into this silence I will hold the gift in my hand until my Beloved comes to me.
What will the Gift Be?
Will my Beloved speak to me about the gift?
Come let us enter the MonasteryMindset and wait!!


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